Who I Am
Who I Am

Femdom Dominatrix BDSM

Geneva - Paris - Moscow - Dubai

My name is Princess Venus, and I am a lifestyle dominatrix. Simple as that may sound these are not just words it is an identity!

I have been a dominant lady as far back as I can remember. Then the day came when I took the decision to share my domination through Femdom.

I opened my doors to BDSM Games and allowed those who seek to express their servitude to come to me. I allowed them to feel the joy of bowing at the feet of a Goddess whose high-class nature, élégance and intelligence have never been witnessed before!

In life power takes many forms be it money, influence, beauty, or intelligence. And I possess them all. Through my beauty and intelligence, I have exercised influence and through my influence I have amassed my wealth. Today I have it all, but I continue to offer BDSM sessions as a Mistress and Mentor because of the pleasure and thrill I get from exercising my power. Yet nothing exceeds the pleasure of taking the actors of my play to the other dimension that the mysterious BDSM world can offer. The joy of letting them face their fears and realize theirs darkest and most secret fantasies.

I enjoy the feeling of being a Goddess, and a Temptress! I relish the ceremony of being worshipped, of being feared, of being glorified and desired. I watch with joyful pleasure as my seekers bow at my feet recognizing my superiority and yielding to my every wish.

My happiest moment in every session is when look into those eyes says, “in being your slave I have found my freedom”.

Didn’t I tell you that a lifestyle dominatrix is an identity?